Our Story

Matt and Lauriana met in 2012 and never thought some day they would be raising 2 boys and hundreds of chickens. (and Khloe our sweet dog) Not only did we have a passion for feeding our family quality food but we wanted to be able to feed our friends and neighbors. As we continue to grow we seek to build a community and a place where people can come to learn, build relationships and of course come for the delicious chicken. With our sons Dallas and Troy by our side we look forward to growing our farm and giving you more pastured raised products. We hope to meet you soon.

How We Farm

We believe in rebuilding our soil and creating a healthy ecosystem in our great community through sustainable farming principles, which means no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. This model of farming is better known as regenerative agriculture.

What is regenerative agriculture? It's the farming and grazing practices that reverse climate change by rebuilding organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity. Regenerative agriculture improves soil health, primarily through the  practices that increase soil organic matter. This not only aids in increasing soil diversity and health, but increases biodiversity both above and below the soil surface, while increasing both water holding capacity and sequestering carbon at greater depths, thus drawing down climate-damaging levels of atmospheric CO2, and improving soil structure to reverse civilization-threatening human-caused soil loss. Our goal is to mimic nature, with our animals out on pasture, constantly moving to fresh grass so they can feast on a fresh salad bar and the bugs they love every day.

Our chickens are fed the highest quality soy-free non-GMO diet. This ensures they are as healthy as possible while they supplement with fresh grass and bugs from the pasture just like nature intended. Our chickens are free from hormones, medicated feed, mRNA vaccines, and antibiotics, which combined with their healthy diet and pasture rotation, leads to the best tasting chicken and eggs you’ll ever eat.